Have you ever intended to give a surprising present on her birthday? Does the price of it matter you?

What kinds of gifts would you like to receive? Do you prefer a very expensive gift or just something from the heart?

Share your story with the others at the Speaking group basic hosted by SPE.

The theme is named after Chicken Soup For The Soul, a series of books which has great reputation all over the world. The series include examples of the best qualities we share as human beings:  giving and taking, generosity, relationships, gratitude, forgiveness and faith… as well as a lot of indeed morale lessons.

And our topic is a piece of its series, we want to put more emphasis on the aspect of giving and taking. This is a familiar topic as a cup of tea on a daily meal. The Speaking Group will introduce you some new expressions in order to use in different situations in relation to this kind of topic.

  • handmade items = items made by hand.

Eg: I received a box of handmade chocolates from my boyfriend on Valentine Day.

Q: What did you receive on your 18th birthday from your friends?
A: My classmate gave me a handmade dreamcatcher on my 18th birthday. It was such a simple gift but first time in my life, someone made me feel special.

  • care package = a box of things ( your favorite foods, specialties of your hometown…)  that you can’t buy when you live far away from home.

Eg: Care package is one of the wonderful ways to take care of your children when they go off to enter university.

Q: What will you give your friend if he studies abroad for a long time?
A:  I will give him a care package containing his favorite Vietnamese instant noodles, which may lessen his homesickness.

  • meaningful gifts = the gifts which are very special to you.

Eg: Handwriting necklace is a meaningful gift because of its message.

Q: What was the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?
A: I consider a BTS’s album as the most meaningful gift I’ve received because I’m really into watching their music videos.

  • lavish gifts = the gifts which are impressive and expensive.

Eg: Lavish gifts are probably diamond rings, golden jewelry, clothes of high-end fashion brands…

Q: Do you prefer a very expensive or heart-warming gift?
A:  Most people tend to like receiving a lavish gift, don’t they? However, the way of giving gifts is more important than the value of gifts. The spirit of giving gifts is about kindness, not about how much money you spend.

  • priceless gifts = the gift which can’t be bought by money.

Eg: Many of us suppose children to be priceless gifts from God.

Q: Do you struggle with choosing a gift for someone you love?
A: Actually I sometimes have difficulty in picking out a gift for my mother. Whenever I’m in that case, I simply think about what I can do for her. I decide to clean the kitchen and bathroom, which will give her a break from the household chores. In my opinion, that’s a practical action I can give her as a gift which costs nothing but might be priceless.

  • don’t look a gift horse in the mouth = don’t be grateful to your friend’s gift when we receive it.

Q: What are you gonna say when you receive an unexpected gift?
A: Well, sometimes we will receive some gifts that we don’t really want to, or just because we don’t eventually like it. In that moment, I think we should stabilize our mind, calm down and control the emotion. We can smile or pretend cheering to make our friend feel appreciated. We shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • re-gift: we receive a gift from A but we don’t like it, so then we keep and give it to B as a gift.

Eg: You can absolutely re-gift your unwanted presents to people you know they will love them.

Q: So, if you receive a book but its content is not related to your reading interest, will you throw it away?
A: Well, I won’t do that, maybe I will store it in my bookcase. Maybe one day, I will regift that book to another friend who likes this kind of content.

  • You’re like a ray of sunshine on a really dreary day = You made my day

Q: Who gives you a surprising present on your last birthday?
A: My boyfriend, of course. Although it was my birthday but I experienced bunches of messy things. Suddenly, my boyfriend invited me to a boating restaurant and stole my first kiss. He was like a sunshine on a really dreary day.

  • Thank you for being there for me = I’m so lucky to have your sudden support

Q: What did you do to overcome your deep depression?
A: To be frank, I was almost like a deadman and my brother brought me from hell to heaven. He was the only one being there and supporting me, helping me to socialize with others. I have to thank my brother for being there for me.

  • crush on it at first sight = love it when I first saw it.

Eg: When going around the shop, I saw a pretty frame that I crushed on at first sight and decided to buy it immediately.

Q: Have you been impressed by something at first sight when you visit Viet Nam?
A: Well, to be honest, I have crushed on the beauty of Vietnam at first sight. It has impressed me by eye-catching landscape and many kind people there.

  • pick out = choose.

Eg: I picked up a book on the bookshelf that I like best to read at night.

Q: Could you pick up some fresh tomatoes for me?
A: Yes, of course.

  • be immensely grateful to you = be very thankful for you.

Eg: I am immensely grateful to you for helping me overcome the fear.

Q: How can you overcome the failures in your life?
A: Whenever I have difficulty, my brother will always stand by me and suppose me. I just want to say I’m immensely grateful to him for helping me overcome my failures in my life.

  • be a big fan of flowers = love flowers so much.

Eg: I’m a big fan of fashion. I always keep up with the latest trend in daily life.

Q: Are you a big fan of flowers? I saw many flowers planted in your garden.
A: Yes, I really love flowers. They help me to ease my mind and reduce stress whenever I see them.

Speaking Group Team

Speaking Group Team

From Specialist Department

Together we are Speaking Group team made up from even 16 people! Focusing on speaking improving among BELLers, we take turns to host weekly meetings where people come and speak after they have had some new topic-related vocab in hand. If you love speaking, follow our journey to grasp some fantastic new words and their contexts on a regular basis.

Posted by Hồng Khang from Communications.