In the last days of February, BELL club and ISB welcomed a new family from Korea. In this family, there are 30 super cute Korean students, 1 beautiful Vietnamese management and 4 wonderful profesors.1559298_747300971946847_801279271_o

Just one week, a really short time but BELLers, ISB students and Korean students had a really really happy time together. We had class together, had dinner together, hung out together and did amazing presentation together. That was awesome and now, when we have to say goodbye, it cant prevent us from tears!

Here is Hảo’s feeling after one week together with the new family, take a look!

“This is my first CEP. I have been noticed that CEP is an amazing and traditionally gorgeous program of BELL club. CEP stands for Cultural Exchange Program. It’s an occasion that you get to meet students at your age in other country and you learn about them while they get to know more about us, about Vietnam and people living in it.IMG_6206
This time , the WOOSONG university along with SOLBRIDGE , which is a branch alike ISB of our university- UEH , brought me a whole astonishing remembering week. I have been working , team-working , team-picturing and team-selphying and learning Korean from my Korean friends , which is totally unforgettable. 1958036_10203324694743854_2087344422_n
You know, just a week and you feel you have a gang of close friend everywhere. The WOOSONG students are very friendly and easygoing , and so cute. They were like Korean actors and actresses that come out of stage, both formal but so easy-going at the same time. 1653401_749569211720023_821621027_n
Vietnamese students performed traditional dance , and did cat-walk  in the standing ovation of WOOSONG students. They were very nice and videotaped us throughout our performance.
I mean, i will apply for all CEP in the future. CEP brings me so many knowledge and plus the chance to improve my communication skill, plus , How i met your mother/father could probably starting from CEP , right?IMG_6213
And the whole experience is , again , unforgetable.”