A warm and heartfelt welcoming buddies from Rissio University, Japan

On the1011429_4789031663711_620075760_n  nice sunny Wednesday 21th August, all of students from Risso University gathered at the lobby of Victoria Hotel waiting for some cute Vietnamese friends to pick them up. They had no idea about all the exciting things awaiting them ahead in UEH. Meanwhile, in the large room A103, all the preparations was made very carefully be the joint hands of members from both BELL CLUB  and TRAVEL GROUP.

The friendly smiles from members of BELL CLUB at the first sight left our foreign friends a strong impression. Surprised and amazed by new surroundings: streets, peoples, bikes,..They kept glancing around while heading to UEH under the guidance of us.

On entering the room, they was  baffled with the warm and friendly atmosphere that our students had made. After settling down, each of them was accompanied by a cute Vietnamese friends and they soon opened their hearts, exchanged words with new friends. Overcoming all barriers of language and shyness, pairs of friends from two different countries started friendly conversations and then they presented about their partners very well on the stage.

After watching the presentation about Vietnam, UEH, BELL club,… as well as enjoying a beautiful Vietnam traditional songs, we had mooncakes, played exciting cake-eating-without-hands game and gave special presents to each others

We was very happy, amused and also hungry so we moved to Lion Restaurant to have lunch. All Japanese friends seemed to like Vietnamese foods very much.

Leaving the restaurant, we took a walk through Ben Thanh market to help foreign friends buy some souvenirs. With the excitement was still high, we continued our journey to the city zoo. Under the scorching sun, we had many memorable moments and photos with wild animals there.

Getting tired after a long day, we came back to UEH and went to supermarket to buy some beverages. Finally, we arrived at the hotel and had to say goodbye after a long and exciting trip together. But our cute foreign just had to wait a few hours before many funs of the next day with us begin.