Let’s see who have joined BELL family after our September Recruitment!

BELL’s September Recruitment last from Aug 22nd to Sept 11th and attracted lots of students that love English, want to discover and improve themselves. The Application Form Round closed on Sept 4th with hundreds of Application form from UEH students. The Group Discussion and Interview Round of BELL’s September recruitment took place on Sept 11th at B306 and B307. In this Round, we can see the enthusiasm and excitement of candidates. BELL really want to take all these candidates to our family but actually we can’t. And we don’t choose the best, we choose the most suitable people.

Finally, the result is here! And now… welcome new members to our big family!

1. Bui Ngoc Bao Thy – 05-K36

2. Dang Ngoc Tram – 02-K36

3. Dinh Cong Minh – 4-K36

4. Do Thu Ha – 21-K36

5. Du Than Duy – 94-K36

6. Lam Tuyet Sang – 41-K36

7. Le Minh Hanh – 4-K36

8. Le Thi Thanh Thao – 28-K36

9. Le Lam Phuong Vy – 11-K36

10.vLe Viet Hung – 72-K36

11.vNguyen Ly My Nhat Xuyen – 23-K36

12. Nguyen Pham Thuy Dung – 5-K36

13. Nguyen Phan Hoang Yen – 3-K36

14. Nguyen Son Tung – NT1-K35

15. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy – 23-K36

16. Nguyen Thu Trang – 2-K36

17. Nguyen Thi My Trinh – TC9-K35

18. Pham Thi Ngoc Lien – 10 -K36

19. Pham Hong Phuoc – NT1-K35

20. Tran Ky Nam – K35

21. Tran Nhat Phu – 27-K36

22. Tran Ho Duong Thao – 7-K36

23. Van Thi Hong Phuc – 4-K36

24. Vo Quang Kiet – 1-K36

Congratulation to all of you! Let’s enjoy the time in BELL Club and “Live English. Experience yourself.” Now you’re official a BELLer! You’re on track and now just take action! Hopefully BELL will be your beautiful memories in your University life.

When a door closes, another opens.

And about other candidates that couldn’t become BELLers, we’re always welcome you to all activities of BELL Club and hopefully you will continue to support us in the future!