Last Sunday, BELL club had a memorable trip: we visited children living in Open house in District 8. This Open house was established in 1993 in order to take care of street children and orphans, to help them integrate…

The special thing is that all children there are boys from 6 to 18 years old. Therefore, we had many dynamic activities. Over 30 BELLers joined this visit. That was a really big present for the children.

The outdoor meeting was held on a beautiful and fresh ground with a lot of trees and grass. With this large space, we played fun games such as “terrorist” (thanks to Mr. Nam’s idea). Everyone laughed a lot even they were punished. After that, the boys gave us their magnificent performances: singing English song, dancing hiphop. They made BeLLers so surprised with their talents. Besides that, the boys also showed their abilities in English. When playing English games, they raised their hand immediately after questions and gave right answers for most questions.

The most meaningful part in the program was creating pictures with color-paper. Four teams including the children and BELLers tried to show their dreams on those pictures. One kid said he wanted to become a singer, others liked working as a chef or a bank manager, some dreamed of new house so that more street boys could live there.

All BELLers were very touched because of their honesty and loveliness. At the end of meeting, the boys received gifts brought by BELL members. A kid form Open house, Phuc, showed us gratitude on behalf of the children, and then everybody took photos to keep these great moments. Though the boys just met us for the first time, they were very friendly and enthusiastic, which left fair impression in each BELLer.

Leaving Open house, the whole club was happy, since we just spent our Sunday time usefully and meaningfully. Each person realized that “giving is receiving”. Good bye Open house! We promise to go back one day!!!

Furthermore, if you have a chance, visit the Open house in District 8:

– Address: 73/10 Dương Bá Trạc, ward 10, district 8.
– Phone: 08.8502.088
– Email: [email protected]
– Representative: Nguyễn Trí Linh – Phone : 0909.948.791

by Le Hoai Bao Tran