DSCN1191In this September, it’s BELL’s honour to welcome a group of students from Osaka city University to UEH. This time, together with students from School of Finance in UEH, we had a great time sharing about their economics research and some projects which they are studying and developing to apply for Vietnam market.DSCN1186

DSCN1171Besides listening the representation and discussing about the topic, we also played some games to warm up the atmospherre because Japanese friends were seem a little bit shy. However, surprise that they took part in our games with full of energy and vibrance. This lead to a successful welcome meeting of the day.DSCN1183

One more special thing, we delivered our hand-made gifts to them as a good memory when they came to UEH. They are little hand-made key chains in diversity of shapes and colors. Hope they remember funny moment about UEH, BELL and Vietnam when they come back the country

Finished the welcome morning, we had lunch together at Tokyo Town, which just a few steps walking from UEH. In the end, we said goodbye to each other. Another friendship betwwen UEH and Osaka city University  was built upDSCN1191