Do you know what is the hot news of DREAM BIG 2011 recently? More than 600 tickets for the First Round were SOLD OUT!!!

As planned, the deadline of buying tickets for Round 1 will be Oct 7th. Today lots of students wanted to buy some more tickets but they couldn’t… Why so???

Because there’s NO TICKET LEFT!!!

The ticket for Round 1 are sold with dizzy speed! About 650 tickets was sold out! Just only in 8 days! What an amazing happiness for BELL Club. Thank you so much for loving DREAM BIG 2011 that much. And we’re so sorry about some case that you can’t buy ticket for Round 1. We hope that everybody can take the chance to shine and show their talent but due to the limited scale of the contest, we can’t provide you more tickets.

Thank you once again and really hope to see you in DREAM BIG 2012!

One more hot news: DREAM BIG 2011 is on the online newspaper:! Here is the article about DREAM BIG 2011:

Enjoy! Waiting for amazing performances in Round 1 of DREAM BIG this Sunday (9/10/2011)