Do you know that being a member of BELL, you will have a very special privilege?

That is the once-a-year Far Trip. As the name suggests, it’s a short trip for 2 days to a beautiful place far from the noisy city. To tell the truth, it’s the event no BELLers want to miss because it’s super fun.

This year, we went to “The Forgotten Island” which is “Đèo nước ngọt” in Long Hải. We departed from campus B at around 1pm and had some small games on the couch so 3 hours on the road wasn’t very long. When we arrived, all the teams had some rest, put the luggage at the camp near the beach and prepared for the musical drama. Oh, did I forget to mention that we were separated in 3 teams and each team would perform a free style drama? Well there were three teams: Yellow, Blue and Red which were the colors of their Tshirts, but BELLers never accepted such boringggg names so they made up some new names and slogans. The weather was a little bad that afternoon so we skipped the bathe in the sea and each team was free to go around. We had dinner before the real fun began at 8.30p.m: The Entertainment Show. The Yellow team performed first then the Blue team, lots of music, extremely funny and off the hook actions. I was in the Red team, our performance was the shortest but it surprised and made everyone laugh. We started the camp fire at 10 pm, joined some games and had the BBQ, really really delicious so the meat just vanished very quickly.

Now at 12am, the moon was shining beautifully, the main event began – The Big Game. Each team went through the challenges while solving the secret codes to get to the next stations. It was not easy as it sounded. We had to face the dark and evil side of the leaders of BELL – the MB and members who organizing the trip – the OB. All teams had to stick together and united to solve the puzzle. The game ended at 6 am the next morning but the Yellow and Blue team were too tired to reach all the stations. However the Red team successfully finished all the challenges because we know how to terrorize the guards of each station. I think we won by default but victory is victory. The plan for the next morning was breakfast but we all so tired that most of us slept until 8 or 10am, and then we played “The Werewolf game”, “Xìdách, Tiếnlên, Uno cards…” – well, you get the picture.

After lunch, we rested a bit and jumped into the sea, took the sweet revenge of the MB and OB and went home at 4pm. On the way home, the MB and OB rocked the air with songs all the way to campus B. Everybody was very tired but it was great fun and exciting, every member was closer to each other.

We’re having recruitment in March,so if you want to join our family, wait no more 😉

Nguyễn Việt Long- Member of Communication Department