Nowadays, there is remote fishing village named “BELL”.

Day by day, the residents have lived in peace and harmony thanks to the protection of two Ocean Deities: a husband and a wife. However, the devil force has always wanted to invade this area.

Would the residents continue living peaceful? Can the 2 Deities keep protecting the village? What will happen to these villagers?

Let’s join this far trip to LAGI beach with us and you will find out the answer!!!

Above is our trip’s theme story. Joining this trip, you will have chance to

experience yourselves as these fishermen

get closer to the sea and the nature

enjoy unforgettable moments with beloved BELLers

We have prepared many fun and interesting games for you. And, you know what?

Besides swimming, you can also

enjoy many specialties of this sea

take part in exciting activities such as singing and dancing under  the dark starry night

with bright flames, breeze  and the rhythm of the sea waves

We bet you will have a fantastic night and you will even forget to sleep.


Are you curious?

Wanna know more about that night?

Wait no more!

Kindly register at:

and you will make the “legend”!!

We will go on Sunday, February 19th and finish the trip on the next day. And surprisingly, the fee is only 350k!!! BELL has supported us !!!

Because of this, don’t miss this chance because this is the only and the most important team building trip which brings you useful activities and wonderful memories!!

Let’s discover yourself, the other members of BELL family!!~~~!!!~~!~!~!~!~~~!~!~!~!!~!~!~!~!~