DREAM BIG 2011 is coming closer and closer that we can almost taste it! We’ve never imagined that you love DREAM BIG that much! So we want to give you – the candidates of Round 1 – some gifts as our thank for your interest in DREAM BIG 2011.

DREAM BIG 2011 – the wonderful English singing contest for students. We have been selling tickets for one week, and the tickets are accompanied with a lot of interesting voucher such as discount 20% at Yogurt space, 15% at Chewy Junior and 50% at Gift shop Sandy Cute.

How wonderful is this? The organization board have tried best to give all contestant as much as benefit possible. Now I would like to give you more details about these voucher so that all you do not confuse how to use them.

Yogurt Space:

When you have the ticket of DREAM BIG 2011, you are sold off 20% at 3 areas of Yogurt Space.

The first is in 147 Nguyễn Tri Phương district 10.

The second is in 515 Phạm Ngọc Thạch district 1.

The last one is in 147 Trần Hưng Đạo street.

Moreover, if you are a student of UEH, 10% discount is for student bringing ID card.

The time-limit is one month and these vouchers are used one time and available until 01/11/2011

Chewy Junior

The organization board gave you the voucher of this shop, and this voucher has already had the detail such as address, the expiry date.

Sandy Cute gift shop

As well as the voucher of Chewy Junior, the ones of the gift shop have address and the detail on them.

For more information or any complaint, feel free to contact Ms Phương Lam

Phone No: 01222 7 222 03

Email: [email protected]