Hey enthusiastic candidates of BELL Recruitment!

How are you these days?

Do you long for the result of Application Form Round?

After a long time considering, we now proudly to announce 81 excellent candidates that passed the 1st round:

  1. Pham Thong Thai_37_Communication
  2. Pham Thanh Tam_37_ Communication
  3. Vo Thi Thu Thao_38_Specialist
  4. Vo Truc Linh _38_Communication
  5. Vu Dang Thanh Thao_37_Communication
  6. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy_37_ Communication
  7. Hồ Nữ Cẩm Tú_37_Communication
  8. Bui Anh Huy_37_Human resources
  9. Bui Gia Bao_38_ Communication

10. Bui Viet Trang Thuong_38_Communication

11. Cao Hoang My Duyen_37_Communication

12. Cao Minh Hieu_38_Communication

13. Huynh Hiep Thao Nghi_38_Communication

14. Lam Ngoc Lan Anh_K38_ Specialist

15. Le Hoang Hai Quyen_37_ Communication

16. Le Huynh Bao_37_Human Resources

17. Le My Huyen_38_Human Resources

18. Nguyen Hoai Khanh Phương_38_Human Resources

19. Nguyen Huu Kieu Duyen_38_ Human Resources

20. Nguyen Huynh Tram Anh_37_Commuincation

21. Nguyen Phuong Thuy Anh_37_Specialist

22. Nguyen Van Anh_38_Specialist

23. Nguyen Viet Long_38_Technology

24. Nguyen Tran Kim Ngan_38_Specialist

25. Ninh Văn Hoàng_38_Communication

26. Phạm Hoang Bao Vy_37_Specialist

27. Phạm Thi Thu Hien_38_Communication

28. Phan Sơn Tung_38_Communication

29. Phan Luc Thanh Vy_38_Communication

30. Tran Phuong Mai Ly_38_Communication

31. Tran Thao Ha_38_Communication

32. Tran Ngoc Ha_38_Human Recsourses

33. Trương  Dieu Dân_ 38_Communication

34. Bien Uy Trong_37_ Specialist

35. Bui Nguyen Thanh Nhi_38_Communication

36. BuiThanhPhong_38_Communication

37. Dao Thai Hiep_38_Specialist

38. Do Nguyen Huy Anh_38_Comunication

39. Dong Thu Bao Ngan_K38_Communication

40. Ha Minh Hoang_38_Technology

41. Lam Minh Hau_38

42. Le Mai Quyen_37_ Specialist

43. Le Xuan Phuong_38-Specialist

44. Long Kim Hoang Phung_38_Human resourses

45. LuuThienMy_38_Communication

46. Ly Chan Thanh_K38_ Specialist

47. Ma Tung Huy_38_Human Resources

48. Ngo Tan Hoang Huy_38_Specialist

49. Ngo Hung Phuc_K38_Communication

50. Nguyen Dao Nhu Quynh_37_Communication

51. Nguyen Hoang Khon_38_Specialist

52. Nguyen Ky Quan-38-Specialist

53. Nguyen Phuoc Nhat Thao_38_Communication

54. Nguyen Phuong Thao_37_Technology

55. Nguyen Thi Thien_37_Human Resources

56. Nguyen Thi Van Dung-37-Human resources

57. Nguyen Thien Trang_37_ Communication

58. Nguyen Vu Thien_K37_Human Resources

59. Nguyen Nhat Quan_38_Communication

60. Nguyen Thi Hai Huong_38_communication

61. NguyenThi Tuyet Nhu_38_HumanResources

62. NguyenVan Phuong_37_Communication

63. NguyenVu Quy Phong_37_Communication

64. Tran Ba Khanh Hung_37_Technology

65. Tran Quoc Toan_37_Technology

66. Chanh Le Duc_38_Specialist

67. Nguyen Ngo Minh Chau_38_Communication

68. Nguyen  Hoang Cam Nhung_38_Communication

69. Ngo Thi Nhat Tuyet_38_Communication

70. Tran Duc Loc_38_Human Resources

71. Le Thi Nhi_38_Communication

72. Huynh Bao Ngoc_38_Communication

73. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhi_38_Communication

74. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nghi_38_Communication

75. Pham Quynh Thuong_38_Communication

76. Ngo Ngoc Thao Phuong_38_Communication

77. Nguyen Tuan Cuong_37_Communication

78. Nguyen Trong Tin_37_Technology

79. Vu Hoang Thu Duong_38_Communication

80. Tran Hien Si_38_Technology

81. Tran Thi Giang_38

Congratulations these awesome candidates, what you have shown us in your Application Forms have impressed and convinced us that you are potential candidates for BELL Club.

So, keep your spirit, your enthusiasm and prepare yourself for INTERVIEWING ROUND on Sunday 18th of November! Please check your email frequently . BELL club will contact you via email to announce about the time and venue of 2nd Round.

Hope to see u!