Have you ever fallen in love with English?
Are you wondering how you can use your knowledge?
Do you hunger for a chance to prove your amazing English?
Or you just want to live English, experience yourself?

You see, the world we live is changing every day, every second. Your knowledge will never be enough to lead you off your way for wisdom. If you have ever crossed this saying: “ Learning is a boat on a river, if you don’t go forward, then you’re gonna be left behind”, you will never stop improving yourself.
Are you ready for a race of knowledge?
A brand-new season of Race For Knowledge has returned, with more challenges, more fun, lots of chances for you to get immersed yourself in English?


Race For Knowledge
is known as one of the biggest academic contests from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh,which is annually held by BELL Club. With more than 4000 students taking part in every year, we have decided to hold it for every students who are interested in.

Race For Knowledge goes with two rounds:

*Round 1: Up to the minute (29/3-5/4)
Online test : General English , IQ questions and some AEC news related.

*Round 2: Jump over the barrier ( 16/4)
15 outstanding candidates from round 1 will be devided into 5 teams of 3.

The total award is up to 50,000,000 VND.

How exciting !!! How challenging !!!

We just can not wait for it!!! Hurry up, let’s grab your chance to register at Venue B and have some fun games with us.

For more information, visit : www.facebook.com/bellueh
Or contact: 0124 773 3764 (Phuc) ,0120 542 2390 (Giang).