It should have been an ordinary day if we had not got together and joined in an annual event held by BELL club, the ESD – English Speaking Day. This year, ESD was covered with a completely different theme and style compared to former ESD events. Beyond the four confinements of a classroom lies all people having a chance to speak up and share their point of view on a thought-provoking topic in English, ESD has brought a fresh air to all participants by delightful outdoor activities based on an epic theme – Race for heroes.


The hype of being a superhero saving the world electrified the enthusiasm of our 6 teams) The game was divided into 4 stations and each station the participants had a great time to play the main game, crack the code for upcoming destination and receive the punishments if they break the rules along the way. However, the most impressive part was the hair-raising punishments prepared by game holders aiming at bonding intimate relationships among the attendants and having fun.


The most distinguished feature of 2016 ESD is the team-building and interactive activities throughout the event. Each person played a crucial part in success of the whole team as every member had an opportunity to contribute to the game (to be something in the game) and if they did not, they could not move on to the next stage (It was a good chance to learn from each other for our challenges required the effort of every teamamte). Each station led us to an amazing adventure of superheroes, and to get through given challenges, all the players had actually make the most of their team spirit both working as a whole and individually. They had a chance to act as amateurs, to some this is perhaps the first time they have been on the stage to break the fear of public speaking and the shame of showing their unique personalities.


Not only did the game benefit their team working skills but it also enhanced their ability and flexibility to solve unexpected problems along the way. Admittedly, the most impressive part of the game is engaging foreigners in our challenge. We have learned some extremely practical tips to take a positive approach to speaking to foreigners without much awkwardness or fearing of making mistakes. And we actually left a positive impression on foreigners because we had a wonderful time acting and guessing the correct English words together. Sometimes, due to the excitement (immersiveness) of the game we even forgot our functions as game holders (game masters) or supervisors of the team and joined in the game. We got so thrilled that we also helped them out by coming up with some creative (hoặc out-of-the-box hoặc ingenuine) ideas to overcome the challenge (work the puzzle out) or to solve the problems at such short notice.

Above all, we, on behalf of BELL club, thank you all the participants for coming and contributing to the ultimate success of the event. We did not have real winners because, for me, each team deserved the praise after all that hard work and effort. You dared to challenge yourself in a fully English speaking environment, dared to play with and learned from your friends. You indeed accumulated your own lessons as well as unforgettable experience in your university student life. Most importantly, you dared to step out of your limit (hoặc out of your comfort zone) to make mistakes (hoặc to try) and to shine. You deserve to be the hero of yourself. We strongly(sharply) believe that all the soft skills honed and new relationships strengthened throughout the day will help build up your confidence in future. Last but not least, our thank to all of you guys for your attendance and we hope that you enjoyed the event.12196299_1081582068559801_3084716270804593605_n