Another funny day hanging out with Korean friends, how awesome it was!
We started the trip at 3 p.m, Thanh and I came to the guest house to pick the Korean students up. We decided to go to “Văn Thánh” resort by bus and I saw that they were very excited when heard we would move by bus. It took us about 20 mins to get to the destination and when we came inside, one girl asked me “Why everything looks like rural area in Korea ?”. Well, I guessed their countryside must be very peaceful like our resort!!!

We played many games before the meal, such as “chasing and catching”; “terrorism”… It’s so embarrassing…because I always lost and the punishment for me is dancing. How lucky am I when last week in the meeting with another Korean group of students, they taught me how to dance “Gangnam style” and it’s show time. I danced pretty well and they gave me so much compliment! We also took many pictures together while some other Bellers  preparing the BBQ.

Everything seemed not to be ok when we forgot some items such as plates, cups… But finally thanks to nice girls like Huong, Nguyen and their “schemes of beauty” plan, we got the things we need.

The Korean friends were so nice and friendly when they also helped us wash, cut the vegetables, watch the barbecue… And finally, the meal was ready! We showed them how to wrap rice paper with noodle, meat and vegetables. They felt hard to do exactly what we did! Anyway, it’s Vietnamese style!

Time had gone fast, and the trip also came to an end. So we took some more pictures and ready to go home. It was really a  fantastic  experience for me because this was the first time that I could hang out with such great friends, both Vietnammese and Korean!

Hope they have good time in the last days and will always remember the wonderful experiences in Vietnam.