SIT Study Abroad is a regular program of World Learning US, which has great co-operation with BELL Club UEH. On Friday, 20th May, we held the International Study Project (ISP) Presentation day for the SIT students to talk about the CULTURE, SOCIAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT in Vietnam.

The program started at 7.50 at Auditorium A103 on the 1st floor, University of Economics HCMC. There were 9 students from different universities in the USA. They came early to prepare carefully for their presentations. Although we were in the middle of this semester’s final examination, some students still took the time to come to the meeting, which showed great enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. The ISP Presentation was facilitated by Dr. Duong Van Thanh, Academic Director of SIT-Study Abroad; she’s one of the judge for today. We also had Dr. Ho Viet Tien, Director of International Cooperation Department, Host University of Economics in HCMC coming as another jugde of the presentation.

The presentations of the SIT students had a wide range of topics, which showed their different interests and viewpoints towards Vietnam. These American students had been working really hard on their projects, travelling to many places of Vietnam to study deeply the issues from every aspects. There were a lot of topics that we could really relate to, such as Vietnamese dating culture, the Hochiminh Communist Youth Union or Vietnamese cuisine; also topics that provided very emotional and heart-breaking stories like the Stigma, discrimination and attitudes to HIV/AIDS. Some of the presentations were very amazing and creative; the SIT students had brought about a lot of new things to their presentaions, not just simple slide shows but they also made movies or even performed music and breakdanced, which were awesome to watch and not boring at all. After each presentation, the judges and our students had a chance to ask questions and communicate with the presenter to understand deeply about the topic; for us, it was also a great opportunity to improve our English, especially speaking and listening.

The presentation ended successfully. After this, many friendships were made. SIT students and SIT organization board also were very impressed with the students of UEH and BELL Club. In the future we hoped we had a lot of programs like this to let the students around the world know about Vietnam and UEH.

by Tran Thieu Giang Linh