Nowadays, English certificates are becoming more and more important in the learning process and career. 
– Are you confused when making decision on which type of certificate you should study?
– TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS? Which one is the most suitable for you? Which one is more necessary for your current education and your future job?
– You already have studied IELTS but the result wasn’t as good as you expected? You are still wondering if IELTS is the one for you?
Come to IELTS Secret – Come & Get It !, all your worries and concerns about the problem will be answered! 

Poster IELTS Secret A3 (Chính)

IELTS SECRET is organized by BELL Club with the companionship of Apollo English Center
With IELTS SECRET, you will be consulted and answered all your questions about learning English in general and IELTS in particular.
Accompany with you in the seminar is Mr. Brett Blumenthal, Founder & CEO of BB Commemorative LLC, a leading trade company from New York. 
Not only owning extensive knowledge about IELTS but also having long experience in business management and has held many important positions in the industry, Mr. Brett Blumenthal will give you an overview of the IELTS exam and English in commercial use as well as the importance of IELTS at work.
In addition, the seminar also has examinee with high IELTS score, who will answer questions about the study method, the difficulties you face when taking the IELTS exam and help you choose the most effective learning strategy.

To get ticket to IELTS SECRET Seminar, please click the link below:

With only 5,000 VND, you are not only be shared more useful information, but also have a chance to receive a lot of gifts: 5 English scholarships, 10 soft-skill scholarships and 5 iPad Retina , the total amount is up to 135 million. So why do you still hesitate? Join us now.
See you at 8.am, 31/8/2014, in Hall A.116, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city!