Global Village is a Cultural Exchange Festival where 300 National level top leaders of AIESEC coming from 20 countries in Asia Pacific will showcase the distinguished beauty and uniqueness of their home countries/territories through food, customs and costumes. This event is a great chance for you to meet hundreds of top leaders in Asia Pacific, participate in interesting games, watch unique performances, widen international network and bring back souvenirs from more than 20 cultures.

Global village corresponds to a festival with a wide range of activities including: traditional performances from many countries, cultural games, traditional dancing, cultural exchange with more than 250 delegates coming from all parts of Asia Pacific…

People will showcase their distinguished beauty and uniqueness of their home land via food, costumes, pictures and even songs and dances to YOU. And all you have to do is just ENJOY!


To join this interesting even, you can follow these steps:
Go to page to learn more about this program.
Register for this program on this page: , the deadline is 13/3/2011
Wait for the result. If you are chosen, congratulation!