Hey BELL girls, happy Women’s day! I’m sure that we all remember this Tuesday right? Such unforgettable moments to me as well as all the girls. Now let’s have a review about that special day. Before coming to the gathering, I already knew that there would be a celebration from the boys and Mr.Kiet just pretended to say that there was something important to announce. I’m smart enough to realize that :v. At the beginning of the gathering, the boys give us some waffles and candies and then each boy give the girls wishes. That was nice but the mood didn’t reach my expectations. It was a little bit flat and I thought “is that all?” without knowing what was about to come next…

And then Mr.Kiet, the one who always claims that he is the most handsome man in the world but apparently everybody knows he is NOT, came to say that he was about to be far away. According to what he said, he had to go back to his hometown due to family emergency. It also meant that he had to switch school and no longer be our club’s president. That was so unexpected, his words left us with surprises, and then some people started asking “why do you leave?”, “where is your hometown?”, “what about your studying?”, while others were … speechless. I couldn’t believed in my ears, couldn’t believe what he said , why was this happen so fast. And then he said he was about to leave in a couple minutes so he wanted to have a group photo. Everyone awkwardly moved to the balcony, haven’t recovered from the shock yet ==”.

But everyone tried to smile as the last time they took a photo with their president .

And suddenly, the boys turned up…

That was super sweet!!!! Looking them jump up and down, shout out loud “We love BELL girls” was a lot of fun. And all the sweat in their bodies proved that they had been waiting for a long time .I’m sure that every girl must have been very proud and happy when receiving that pleasant surprised gift. The moment we returned to the class, Mr.Kiet told us the all the things he said was just a joke, which meant that he stayed, he didn’t have to go back to his hometown anymore. And that was another shock. Suddenly Ms.Lien bursted into tears. Did she cry because the surprise gift was so touching? Or because she was happy that Mr.Kiet didn’t leave? Or because he stayed?!? The reason was unknown .

That was a really mean joke Mr.Kiet!!! I swear, I swear the next time you dare to do that again, I will kill you, literally! And you deserved your fate muahahahahaah

The next gift the boys prepared was a short clip. It was super funny, super spectacular and super unique in BELL’s style. It made the girls laughed a lot. Good job you guys. But that was not the end. We have another special gift. The boys told us to come to the stage, close our eyes, turn our backs and put our hands up in the air. This was soooooo ridiculous. At first, I thought it was gonna be a hug from behind *yuck* but thank God it was not :v. We love the badge so much. Thanks again BELL boys.

On behalf of all the girls, I want to say that we really appreciate what you had done for us. We can feel the love that you gave and that was really unforgettable. Thank you for being a part of our special day. Thank you for the careful preparation. Thank you for the memories that we will cherish forever.

With all our hearts, thank you BELL boys (or gays.. I’m so confused now ==).

Lê Xuân Phương – member of Specialist Department