HOT…HOT…HOT SUMMER >”<!!! \m/ .

Finally, our desirable season is coming here. It is undeniable that students always wait for this because it is the time for relaxation : no school, no pressure and plenty of time to fulfill all incredible plans or big dreams…Although there are 2 months to go before SUMMER vacation, why don’t you make  a great plans from now?

Then, do not hesitate to go to the906605_451485938259779_623617038_o ESD-“SUMMER HEAT” to share us your best  intentions. This is a common activity of BELL Club taking place twice a semester and holding most UEH-ers’ expectations. Join us  to make more friends, have fun with so many challenge games,  share your awesome SUMMER plans, and have a chance to improve your English-especially SPEAKING SKILL. Additionally,There are no analogies with any previous ESDs because your mistakes will be corrected by BELL’s Judges. This would be very helpful for you and you can also get some tips to be a fluent and native speaker. That  sounds great, but that ‘s not all .So let’s decide quickly and attend our ESD at 7.30am at E202 on Sunday, April 21, 2013, check it out and blow off the “SUMMER HEAT”. Register now via class-talkers .

We cannot wait to see you there guys. :”]

Best regard