Anoucement…! This is our Bell Club’s bulletin. As you know, in March, we have a very special day for the gentle half of the world: The Women’s Day,therefore, ESC this time will be held on Sunday , 6th March to celebrate the day for our mothers, sisters, girlfriends,… ESC is a prediodical event for all of you, especially students from UEH , to have a chance to practice speaking English through variable forms.

That’s the reason why people who love English will become much crazier about it, while people who seem a little bit bored with this international languge will certainly find how interesting English is. You will spend your precious moments taking part in some unique games to make more friends, playing real actors, actresses’ roles or using  your creativity and imagination to guess our  important messages  through some romantic songs in this ESC. Thus, if you study English, want to have more unforgettable memories with Bell club and especially are free on Sunday, WELCOME to our ESC program to bring home not only funny, relaxed hours but also many lovely gifts. ESC on Sunday 6th March with the topic “ The women’s day”  is ready now!!!

by Huynh Thi Ngoc Quynh