This Sunday morning 23rd August, we had an amazing ESD with a controversial theme – “LGBT – Life Gets Better Together.” Everybody had a great time discussing, sharing opinions and practice speaking English with BELL Club.



There were six topics relatedto the main theme and the participants were divided into groups of five or six to handle them.

During the main game – crossword, we had the insight into the LGBT lives all over the world through questions. Yellow Team  highly impressed us with their ability to figure out the key word the fastest.


Moving to the discussion and presentation part, everybody had the chance to voice out their thoughts.

With the topic “Discrimination against LGBT”, a member from Red Team suceeded in getting all listeners’ attention by stating her opinions with certainty. Her speech showed a strong sympathy for LGBTers and led us to a deeper consideration into how they really felt being disgusted and isolated by the community.20807119392_8ba4e1ef4b_k20816656885_e7f153ef40_z

Orange Teamlightened up the whole room with their lively spirit and helpful informationon  “Same-sex marriage”, whereas Yellow Team suggested some solutions to the “LGBT Parenting” problems.

For “Supporting LGBT”, Green Team listed clear reasons why we should help the LGBTers receive the respect and happiness that they deserve. A member from the team shared a real story about a friend of hers who also belonged to the LGBT world. The story made us stop and think about how we should treat a LGBTer.

On the other hand, Blue Team came up with good ideas regarding “Homosexual as a trend” among youth nowadays. And last but not least, Violet Team creatively delivered their speech in the form of a talk show on the issue “Be your true gender”.20816590035_5eb041c613_k

All six teams gave their best performances and each received a thoughtful review from the judges. There were compliments on the contents, the fluency and coherence as well as speech organisation. However, the judges also emphasized on the need to improve upon intonation, time management, interaction within a group and between the presenters and the audience.

Our ESD enabled the participants to be more confident, make new friends, expand vocabulary and learn how to carry out an effective presentation. Everybody had a great experience.

Thank you all for your attending and hope you enjoyed the event.

Lam Phan