On Sunday 26th February, the regular activity of BELL Club, English Speaking Club, was organized at room A206, from 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM. With the topic “How creative you are”, this activity focused on CREATIVITY, a skill which is very important in our life. In this program, BELLers and other UEH students have engaged in exciting games which helped them to fully explore their ability to be creative.

The attendants were divided into 5 small groups throughout this program. Each group created its name and slogan to show the cooperative spirit between the members.

To begin the activity, Mr. Nam and Mr. Huy from the Organization Board gave two short presentations about great creative persons and practical ways to become a creative person. After that, five groups were put in three exciting challenges to unleash their creativity.

The first challenge was the Ads Quiz. Five creative TV commercials were shown in the screen then paused, each team had to guess the product advertized or what would happen next. This challenge was really puzzling because the product was hidden carefully and would be revealed only at the end of the clip. In this part, Group 1 won the biggest score thanks to their quick thinking and reflex.

The following challenge, Twisted Story, was the most interesting and attractive part of ESC. Each group chose a series of 6 pictures then imagined a story which must include all the pictures given. The sequences of images were a bit shocking because it was hard to create a link between the pictures. Moreover, each group had to perform their story as a play in front of the audience after only 15 minutes of discussion. The challenge was tough, the time was limited but the results were excellent. Five creative and crazy stories were performed lively and amazed all the spectators. The winner of this part was Group 6, with their hilarious and creative story about Maria Ozawa on the beach, a puppy, a triangle love in a cave and a poisonous apple.

The last challenge, Play with Words, tested the participants’ reflex to English words. Five series of 30 blank boxes were written on the board. Each group had to fill in these boxes with English words that matched the given letters as quick as possible. Group 2 won this round quickly thanks to their good English vocabulary.

During break time, we also had a great chance to enjoy (once again) the beautiful voice of Sơn Nam and Lệ Uyên, two young brilliant BELLers. Nam sang “I’m yours”, a famous song of Jason Mraz while Uyên sang “Love Story”, a teen pop song of Taylor Swift. Their emotional performances brought relaxing and joyful moments to all of us.

Finally, after calculating the points of each group, the victory went to Group 1, with an overall score of 56 points. Arrived at second place, Group 2 and Group 5 earned 51 points and at the third place, group 3 and group 4 shared a same number, 48. The ESC activity ended with a karaoke performance, everybody sang “If you are happy and you know it”. This program was held by a brand new Organization Board with 4 BELLers from course 37 and one from course 35; all of us were inexperienced in events organizing. Although there were still many small mistakes that need to be improved, we are proud to believe that this ESC was a successful program!

Big thanks to all the beloved participants who have come and encouraged us! See you at the next ESC!

Trần Minh Anh Thơ

Member of Organization Board