Did you remember anything special last Sunday, August 28th ?

So great and awesome,wasn’t it ?

ESC went so smooth and has been completely perfect than we’ve thought  before.

Although there were a lot of hassles during the time we prepared for this ESC, with the support of BELLers ,we overcame it very nicely.All tickets had been sold out 3 days before ESC took place.We were so happy with this.

Some students came very early at about 7:20 that morning,which made us so surprised ! They were waiting for something fun from our ESC and about 15mins later,they turned into a crowd exactly.

As we had expected before,there should be 50 students but actually,the number is over : 65 students in totally. They were not only from UEH but also from a lot of different universities. It meant that our ESC has expanded itself further. Each team had to get a slogan and team name,then came to the stage to show their team spirit.

Next,they got 4 tasks and did accomplish them on time.Therefore, they all caught up so cleverly and quickly.They made presentations and acted some plays as great as they could.

This was really a good chance for them to practise speaking as well.

Four beautiful guests came a little bit late but we are sure that we were all impressed by their beauty,charm as well as their honesty ! We could easily see students’concentration on them through their eye-contact and we were very glad to know that from the bottom of our heart.

They shared with us their methods in studying English, reasons why they loved English when being a little child and the process in studying this language : “Think out of the box” – Ms Van said . English is a process and you need to pick it up little by little,day by day!

Don’t forget to practise it regurlaly .That’s all our beautiful guests wanted to send us in this ESC.

Amazingly,when I looked around, I realized there were so many eye sights out of the window. Some guys paid attention to our ESC through the window,they listened carefully and looked at us with all of their concentration till the end of ESC .BELLers and ESC’s attendees all felt warm and excited with smiling faces.

Next, two BELLers share their useful websites that are good resourses for studying English.

Finally, we gave lovely bouquets to guests and gifts for four excellent teams who were so enthusiatic and dynamic during our ESC. We took photos and had fun together .

What we can tell you now is : “so fantastic” !!! Hope we can be better and more fluent in English some day ! Love you,guys :).

And don’t forget to join our next ESC which will be held in this September ^^. Stay tuned and wait for our latest news ;).