Do you know what is the special and unique feature of BELL Club that makes us outstanding from many other clubs in UEH? BELL Club is the ONLY club in UEH can organize the Culture Exchange with foreigners and students of different schools, universities, colleges,… from other countries. You want to talk and make friend with foreigners in UEH? The best way is joining the Culture Exchange held by BELL Club.

You may know that UEH is a big University in Ho Chi Minh as well in the whole Vietnam, so there ‘re lots of education organizations want to visit or have some other activities that relate with our university. And BELL Club is proud to take responsibility for a part of those  – holding the Culture Exchanges and some relevant programs.

Do you feel exciting and eager to join a Culture Exchange of BELL Club. We won’t let you wait no more, BELL Club is glad to offer you a great chance to do join one of: The Culture Exchange with SIT students, from America.  SIT have a long a close friendship with BELL Club and the America students of SIT are absolutely nice and interesting. This is a wonderful occasion for you  to practice English, make new friends (especially the American students:D), join some fun games, get gifts more information about SIT as well BELL Club.

Does it sound exciting? Do you want to join us in this Culture Exchange? If you are a core member, collaborator or a Card member of BELL Club, you’re INVITED to this program. Is it wonderful? 😀 Don’t hesitate any more, come and have fun! Here is the time and date for the next Culture Exchange with SIT students:

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM at A103
Date: April 1st, 2011(Next Friday)

And for the Card Member, don’t forget to bring you Membership Card.

Hope to see you all on Friday. Have a nice day!

by Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc