On the morning of Jan 14th 2013 , Bell club were very happy to prepare an amazing activity. It is the “Welcoming meeting” with Korean students from Chosun University. They were the volunteers who came to Vietnam to help the poor children. After finnishing their job, they visited our university to join in a Cultural Exchange Program with BELLers.



They are very nice and friendly. We laughed and played a lot in this meeting ^^

In the first part , we gave a short introduction about our university UEH , our culture ,… to the Chosun University Students . After that , we showed them some Vietnamese ‘s traditional dance. They really interested in this dance . And then , we organized funny and  hilarious games for Vietnamese and Korean students play together. The first game was “EATING WATERMELON WITHOUT HANDS” , you can see the picture on the left.Then, together we played the “DO WHAT THE PICTURE DOES” Game, each member had to copy the pose in the picture we showed them.Here are some pictures.




In the next part , Korean students organized a game named “Quiz” . In this game , Vietnamese students knew more about their history , geography, politic , traditional dishes (kimchi, kimbab,…) ,….. . They also taught us how to dance like Psy  with the song “Gangnam style”.  In the last part of the meeting Korean students performed a professional fashion show. We can see that they not only good as studying but they also good as acting.

After the morning meeting , Vietnamese students and Korean students knew more about VietNam and Korea . We hope have more Culture Exchange Programs like this.


Phan Luc Thanh Vy

Member of Communication Department