The “Experience English through 3D movie” contest had finally come to the end with all satisfaction of both contestants as well as the Organizing board.

We would like to share some memorable moments from our contest:

***1st round:

Here is the cinema where contestants watched 3D movie and did the reading tests.

And this is our beautiful receptionist who was sitting outside the cinema.

Group discussion and Presentation Room:

At the end of this session, Mr.Jason – our examiner also gave some tips about learning English:

*** 2nd round:

At first, there were some problems with technology which took us 30 minutes to fix. However, it was truly surprising that every contestant didn’t find it boring to wait such a long time but they all were so excited and eager for the 2nd round.

Firstly, candidates had to join the “Ring the Golden Bell” game to continue to the later session.

In the break time, the game “Catch Phrase” totally made all the attendants feel interested.

After that, only 10 people were chosen to join the next session. They were divided into 2 groups which were named Cow Boy and Young Leaders.

Some of them were good at presenting, some were good at debating, which made the foreign teacher much difficult to find out the best one. Thus, he chose 4 of them to ask questions then finally picked one as the winner.

Finally, we gathered and took some pictures together. All the contestants as well as audiences felt extremely excited and happy with the 2nd Round. Hopefully we can meet them again in upcoming activities of BELL!