Learn a new language, make some new and amazing friends, experience yourself in different activities or maybe have a chance to exchange diversified cultures with students all over the world. Aren’t that what you want when you got into university life?

There is one event held by our club which, of course, can meet all your expectation above. Are you ready to find out what is it??? – It’s BELL’S MARCH RECRUITMENT 2015.

In this recruitment , we choose symbol: a flying hot-air balloon as the official theme of this time. We really hope that you can fly as high as balloons to discover new lands, where you can find so many interesting things, make some new friends, improve your language knowledge and practice your English skills, develop your essential soft skills .

BELL CLUB is absolutely an ideal choice for all of you because it’s not simply an academic club. It’s for all who loves English and wants to share the same language interest with others.
If you feel so confused because of not finding a suitable club yet, BELL CLUB might be your place .

And one more important thing: BELL’s booklet and application form for MARCH 2015 RECRUITMENT!! The booklet will give the information about BELL’s activities, our departments, what they want from their candidates and the procedure of BELL’s recruitment. The application form provides you some questions to help us to determine whether you are a prospective BELLer.Please read the booklet carefully and determine which department you are suitable. If you still feel unclear, feel free to contact BELLers and ask for their advice.

DON’T FORGET to submit your application form to [email protected] before 10 P.M, 15 February, 2015.

So what are you waiting for? Click DOWNLOAD and FLY HIGH now!!!

For more information, please join the BELL March Recruitment 2015 Group: