Are you ready to take your English skills to a whole new level? Do you want to “Live English, Experience yourself ” right here inside of your university? Let us–BELL Club– take you on a thrilling and interesting journey!

On this journey, you will have a chance to:

–      Improve and practise your English skills

–      Widen your knowledge

–      Cultivate your personal soft skills

–      Explore different cultures

And last but not least, make friends that share the same interests.

Sound pretty awesome, right? Let’s seize the opportunity now and make it happen.

Step 1 – Application form round

Fill out the application form  here  then submit to [email protected] before 10 P.M February 20th

Please note that we will not accept any application forms which are submitted after deadline. The result of this round will be released on February 25th 2014 via email. Candidates who pass this round will take part in the next one.

Step 2 – Assessment round

This round will take place on March 2nd. You will have a chance to show us your personality as well as competence through 2 sections:

  • ·        Group discussion: we will divide you into groups of 5-7 and give you a topic. Candidates will be considered based on their ability to contribute ideas and work in group.
  • ·        Personal interview: Communication and other interpersonal skills such as negotiation, influence, advising and interpreting are highly evaluated in this section. But don’t be nervous, it is your personality traits we are looking for.

The result of this round will also be sent to you after 3 days via email.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? FILL IN THE FORM now to become a member of BELL and experience this amazing ‘English’ adventure!

C’mon. An exciting expedition’s awaiting! Give us a chance to meet an awesome fellow like you!