Another school year has passed us by. In order to summarize what we have done during this semester, BELL Club convened a school-year-end summation congress last Sunday, May 29th at room A205 with the presence of more than 50 collaborators and members. We also had the honour of having some former BELLers and representatives from AIESEC organization’s attendance. The congress was presided over by two vice president.

The MC of a congress was Ms.Tran Thi Minh Han (course 36 – PR dept). Although it was the first time she took over this duty, she still impressed the audience with her great charisma. The congress was started by a long speech from Ms.Vo Thi Kieu Oanh – vice president. She recap briefly all programs which have been run so far such as: The English music contest “Dream Big”, Recruitment, Outdoor activity, Team building trip, ESC, Trial TOEIC test, Online essay contest, visiting orphanage, etc. She also appreciated all success we have achieved and pointed out some shortcomings we need to improve. Last but not least, she announced the very notable information about two important programs that the Youth Union has assigned BELL club to carry out. Those are “time management skills”seminar and “Communicating and building relationship skills” seminar. Hopefully, those will be organized triumphantly in the next tenure.

The next part of the congress was some statements from four Heads of Department. Mr.Nguyen Pham Minh Tam – Head of Operation department had some comments on the way we have held all events, Mr.Huynh Xuan Truc – Head of HR Department appraised the performance of all members in the club, Ms.Nguyen thi Nhu Ngoc – Head of  PR Department offered some suggestions for enhancing the propagation campaigns. For some reason, Mr.Nguyen Trung Duc – Head of IT Department could not attend the meeting. Thus, Ms.Duong Ly Thu Thao – vice president substituted for him to make a remark about some technical problems of the club. All departments seemed to have the same situation. Apart from some members and collaborators who have contributed significantly to the club, there are also few ones who have rarely or even never participated in the club’s activities.

After the summation part, the quiet atmosphere of a room was totally broken by a very sweet voice from Ms.Le Hoai Bao Tran (course 36 – Operation dept). She fascinated everyone with a awesome soft song despite the sound system breakdown.

Moreover, a special guest BELL invited to the congress this time was Ms.Vo Linh Vi – representative from AIESEC organization. She came with the main purpose of propagating the AIESEC Career Fair which will take place on July 3rd from 8A.M to 3P.M at Riverside Palace, 360D Ben Van Don, dist.4. This is a special event which generates an exchange environment for students from prestigious universities in Vietnam and companies in various ranges of business. This event also not only helps student seize their job opportunities but also help companies meet the needs of personnel demands.

The next important part of the congress was commending and rewarding some self-motivated BELLers. And 18 most active collaborators had been awarded the title “Core member” for their great efforts and contribution to the club during this school year. Additionally, 2 most excellent members of each department were also given certificate of merit. We hope they will continue doing the best for making BELL club become stronger and stronger with this title.

Ms.Duong Ly Thu Thao – vice chairman mentioned some activities as well as direction for the club in the next semester a few minutes afterward. She also advised subordinates to determine clearly the purpose of engaging in BELL club. Through what she said, BELLers from course 35 and 36 could understand more about what they need to do in the future.

Finally, we had a chance to talk to some former BELLers. Ms.Doan Thanh Hang – the preceding Head of HR department and Ms.Ngo Ha Thao – the preceding vice president shared us what they have received from BELL after leaving. They also wished BELL – the next generations many brilliant achievements.

The congress had come to an end with rapturous applause. And then, all BELLers had a very enjoyable party as usual.

by Huynh Xuan Truc