Hi guys, after the stressful exams, we are entering a new semester again. New semester- Do you have any new plan for yourself?

Four years of college is a really short period of time, if you were only focus on learning and ignore all the activities inside and outside the university, it would be a loss!

Have you chosen for yourself a club where you can learn, can play, can earn valuable experience to help you grow up and become mature? If the answer is NOT YET, Why don’t you join us to warm up the BELL SPRING RECRUITMENT?

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BELL-Business English for Learners and Lovers.

Founded in 1995, BELL is always one of the most popular clubs in UEH. BELL provides not only a friendly environment for UEH students to improve their English skills but also many vital soft skills for their careers in the future. Being a member of BELL means you have a lot of opportunities to experience and challenge yourself in different activities such as: Dream Big, Race for Knowledge, English Speaking Day, … Besides, you also can participate in several international programs such as CEP, SIT, …,to help you enhance your communication skills with native speakers and widen your network of relationship

You have four choices. BELL has four departments, and each department keeps separated tasks to help BELL works effectively:



-External Relations

-Human Resources


To become a member of BELL, you will go through two rounds:

  • Round 1: Application Form (AF) (18/1-31/1)

Link Download AF and Booklet :

After completing the AF, you send to this address: [email protected] With content:

[BELL Spring Recruitment 2016]_[Department(your 1st priority]_[Your full name]

For example: [BELL Spring Recuitment 2016]_[Communication]_[Nguyen Van A]

  • Round 2: Teamwork & Interview (02/21)


For more information, you can