You love English? You want to improve your English?
You want to expand your relationships, make friends and work in a friendly and active environment?
Let’s come to BELL CLUB- the biggest English club in UEH. You will have an ideal environment for practicing English, developing yourself effectively and widening your relationship.

A whole new semester has already started with a lot of hopes and plans. Are you a freshman wanting to design your own wonderful university’s life?
Or are you a sophomore who are looking for a new environment to challenge yourself and learn new things but confused where to start?
Now, we bring you the chance, it’s BELL RECRUITMENT IN OCTOBER 2015.

With the slogan “Dare to fire”, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take this chance to experience yourself. Youth comes once in a lifetime so do not waste the precious moment when you have enough time, strength and passion to discover new things as well as express all sides of yourself. And we believe BELL Club is going to be an appropriate environment for you to make those dreams come true.
Here we offer a huge number of interesting events every year, opportunities to practice your English skills and discover different cultures as well as make friends and work with many inspiring people who have the same interest.
So, don’t be shy, “DARE TO FIRE” right now by downloading application form and BELL’s booklet at:…/BELL+RECRUITMENT+PACKAGE+2015.rar
For more information, joining us at: