Once upon a time, in a faraway coast have a fishing village named BELL. Everyone in village live together in harmony. Fortunately this place is blessed like a paradise. People are hard-working and they have been trading with foreigners for long time.

Sacred mission of villagers BELL is to protect An Ancient Relic It’s the symbol  for Passion, Enthusiasm and Wild. The Relic is being stored in Sacred Temples of the village and only one person who looks after it. He is the White Wizard, who has the most wisdom and power in the village. And now, he needs young people who is energetic and creative continue to inherit and protect The Relic.

My young friends, do you want to join BELL village? So what are you waiting for? Just follow below links which made by White Wizard to fulfill information and then send it to him. BELL village will be an awesome place to enhance English or develop yourself.

Step 1 – Application form round

You can download the application form here. After filling out it, please submit to [email protected] before 10 P.M November 1st, 2012.

We will not accept any Application forms which is submitted after deadline. The result of this round will be sent to on November 5th via email. Candidates who pass this round will take part in the next one.


Step 2 – Assessment round

This round will take place on November 18th. You will have a chance to show us your personality as well as competence through Personal interview time. The result of this round will also be sent to you 3 days afterward via email.


For more information, please contact Black Angel Uyên (01642979973) or come to the BELL club’s table at the main hall of campus B from October 22nd to November 3rd.

BELL Village hope to see you soon!