Are you ready for A NEW EXCITING ADVENTURE? A not only FUN, but also WONDERFUL one will take place at our university this month!  Get ready or you will be ASTONISHINGLY SURPRISED at the most awesome things EVER. There’s no time to hesitate! JOIN US andwe will fly you to our dreamland.

No more waiting, I am now proudly present to you our epic adventure, this year’s RECRUITMENT – BELL DREAMLAND.

Coming to our adventure –The Amazing Recruitment, as I usually say, you will getto explore the BELL’s CAVERN with lots of UNIQUE CHALLENGES. However, don’t be afraid, they are just as easy as a piece of cake. Ooh about cake, there will absolutely be some for you guys. Besides, you can make more friends, take part in many mini games and then enter the Dreamland – in other words, BECOME A MEMBER OF BELL CLUB.

Are you ready? Let’s get it started NOW!

1st Round – Application form round

You can download the application form here. After filling out the form, please submit to [email protected] before 10 P.M November 7th, 2013.

We will not accept any Application forms submitted after the deadline. The result of this round will be sent to you on November 13th via email. Candidates who pass this round will take part in the next one.

2nd Round – Interview round

This round will take place on November 17th and include 2 sections: Group Discussion and Personal Interview. You will have a chance to show us your enthusiasm, creativity or analytical skills through Group Discussion as well as you personality and competence through Personal Interview. The result of this round will also be sent to you within 2 days from 2nd round via email.

For more information, please contact Mr. Huy(0938109688) or visit:

Group Recruitment:

BELL Dreamland is looking forward to seeing you soon!1415796_530209017048282_1611068106_n