Holding Cultural exchange is a special and unique feature of  BELL club. And the Cultural exchange with SIT students from America held on April 1st was very successful. We had a lot of performances from not only Vietnamese students but also American ones. I couldn’t say how amazing that was. There is no gap between Vietnamese and American students.

The most exciting part was the performance from Dr. Dương Vân Thanh –  Academic Director of SIT Viet Nam.

In this program, all of students danced, sang, played games together and talked to each other. We destroyed the language barrier to make a networking from all of students.

Moreover, there is also an amazing performance from a contestant of  DREAM BIG – the annual English music contest of  BELL club. This was an opportunity for people who missed this biggest event of BELL can enjoy one of contestants’ wonderful voices.

Cultural exchange is an occasion to talk and make friend with foreigners, get more information about UEH, BELL club and improve your English. Don’t hesitate to join the next Cultural exchange. Just join and have fun!!!!!!

by Tran Phuong Lam