A wonderful day
January 14th 2013  is  one of the most memorable day in my life!

It was day I had a chance to meet and play many games with Korean students from Chosun University.

Before that, I hadn’t been really interested in Korea because I thought that there was nothing great except the music, and I am not K-pop’s fan.

However, after meeting them, I have changed mind. I have learnt that Korea’s culture was so amazing. There were so many beautiful places such as Jeju island, Dok island.Honestly , I was amazed by the Korean friendliness and kindness. We played game together, we talked and laughed as there was no barriers between us !

And my most favorite part was the big game in the afternoon called Bingo Race. It was a great chance for Korean students  to know more about Ho Chi Minh City and for us to know more about them .

My partner was Jiyoung, a sweet girl . She is 20 and she is studying economics too. She always held my hand when we were walking. When I asked her about Vietnamese things such as “chè”, “sugar cane drink”….  she always answered me  with the spark in her eyes .  Jiyoung had been sick 2 days before, but I didn’t know that until Heeyoung, another friend, told me because Jiyoung was so powerful, she talked, she ran and she enjoyed the race with a lot of energy . What a strong girl, right? ^^

And after running from Notre Dame to the Independence Palace, rom the City theater to Ben Thanh market, we went back to the hotel and won the third place, and it was the best third place ever !! ^0^

Every story has an end and so did ours. At the end of the race,it was the time for us to say goodbye. We hugged, exchanged our Facebooks, emails and took photos together. Just one day before, we were still strangers, but after that day….. we had become friends, really good friends …. And trust me, it was so hard for me to work out of that hotel >”<……

At this moment, while I am writing this with a big smile on my face, I feel so happy and lucky to have a chance to meet all of these friends ! Hope that one day we will meet again, maybe in here or maybe in Korea, noone knows what the future could be, right?

Love you guys alot . xoxoxoxo

From Hien with love <3

Phạm Thị Thu Hiền- Member of Communication Department