Nice to meet you again, all Bellers

Last Sunday, gradually, I would take a long and nice nap in my comfortable bed but in the end, I chose to do something different. That is joining a talk presenting by a teacher from ISB. The topic as we were announced is “How to be successful in university”. It was not an academic talk, it bore some resemblance to an open conversation between students and teacher. Something worth noticing is the size of the class, the smallest class I’ve ever participated in. That created an amazing opportunity for us to communicate with the teacher. He is so nice, he tried to remembered all the names. Again, the first time, a college teacher remembered my name. He looked at everyone when talking, not just because of the small class, partly because he can maintain his gaze very well.

The first part was about the four types of communication then the way how to show off your ability through your CV. The former was an amazing one and the later was an important one. I was said that I belonged to the passive kind. He looked at me and knew that I wanted to ask questions. Until now, I still wonder Why didn’t speak out my confusion at that moment, why I need to hold it back and keep waiting. We analyzed the gap among Vietnamese and American communication style. As we all knew, American students were taught to be active, assertive and competitive while Vietnamese learn how to study in silence. There is always punishment if you open your mouth in improper time. Why we keep being afraid of speaking out our voice and options. After spending some days with American students , I witnessed it clearly. They, themselves, admitted that the way they were taught help them to express their ideas spontaneously as well as unconsciously. On the contrary, too much thought flying over our mind make the decision process of speaking out loud something slower.

Besides that great truth, we learned how to make your CV look more impressive. The  most exciting part is the teacher’s CV which he wanted to show us as evidences. I admire him a lot because after looking at his timetable I knew time is the most precious thing for him. Therefore, spending time with us is the most valuable gift he bring to our club. I hope in the future, more and more Bellers will join this activities. Thank teacher and all Bellers had help this useful program happen.


Dương Ngọc Khánh Vy