As you may know, the Culture Exchange is one of the most special and unique activities in BELL Club. SIT is a program that bring American students to Vietnam. SIT and BELL Club have a long and close relationship. Now we show you an amazing clip from the SIT that tell story about Vietnam in a different way.

This video clip is made by three SIT students. You can see them singing and rapping an amazing song about their experience in Vietnam. They are Glen Lindquist – Gz-R-Us, Danny Weiner – phD and Jeremy Rist – Jay Normous.

Here is their video clip on Youtube

And here is their caption on Youtube: Legendary Records presents BaBaBa’s first single off of their first album, “My Son, Not My Boy at Home.” Jay Normous, Gz-R-Us and phD. SIT Vietnam 2011 Spring Semester

In this clip, they mention lots of places that they’ve been through and many different kind of food in Vietnam, this is their feelings and attitude about Vietnam – the country and human.  It’s somehow weird to hear about Vietnam from the foreigners, but it’s really interesting and funny. And if you watch this carefully, you’ll see they mention BELL club at 1:00 and some members of BELL club:D Believe me, you’ll love this video clip as well the SIT students! Enjoy!

by Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc