1. A.   Love and Romance:

    *When Tom met Lily it was love at first sight. [love began the frist moment they saw each other]
    *She fell head over heels in love with him. [fell deeply and madly in love]*Nick only has eyes for Diana. [is only attracted to]
    *Nora was more than infatuated with [romantically obsessed with ] Brian; she was completely besotted with [almost stupidly or blindly in love with] him.
  2. B.   Friendships and other positive relationships:beautiful-friends-photography-sky-together-Favim.com-400979
    *Anona and I hit it off immediately [like each other the moment we met]. We’re true soulmates [people who feel close to each other in spirit and who understand each other deeply]
    *Nelly was my mother’s lifelong companion. [friend who was with her all her life]
    *The moment I met Rob I could see he was a man after my own heart. [someone you admire because they do or think the same as you; can also be woman after one’s own heart]
    *Charlie and I get on like a house on fire. [have a very good, enjoyable relationship]
    *Jim and Tony have been bosom friends/buddies/pals for years. [very close, good friends]
    *Patricia and are inseparable. [always want to be together, very close]
    *There’s always been a close bond between Anne and her aunt. [relationship or feeling of togetherness]