Some members of BELL Club – particularly the ones who’re in K36 – are going through the most wonderful time in the student life: The military course!!! And of course BELL Club can’t stand outside that wonderful thing. BELL Club’s just taken a trip to the Military Center to visit the beloved members there and we had lots of fun together.

Riding on motorbikes, despite of the crazy raising of petrol’s price these days, the BELLers finally arrived at the military center. (You K36 can see our enthusiasm, which is valued by the amount of petrol that we’ve spent for you. Just kidding:D) After greeting each other, all BELLers started to have some extremely funny games leading by Mr. Phu, Aunt NUDE and NaNa, our “beloved” president, that no one there can help laughing out loud 😀 Here are some pictures taken in those games, and you can imagine the craziness there:

After getting tired by serial crazy games, laughing and yelling so much, BELLers ‘re all starving so we did what we did the best that time: eating! Lots of fruits were brought out and just in some moments, nothing was left because the BELLers are so wild 😀 Moreover, we also celebrated the birthday of two members in BELL – Ngoc and Truc. Once again, BELLers prove to the world that they love food, no matter that’s fruit or birthday cake:DDD

We’ve had a really funny and amazing night out together.

Although we just have one night to go to the military center to visit you, but I believe that you’ll never forget what we’ve been through. BELL absolutely is a part of your wonderful military course.

Once BELLer, forever BELLer. Love you so much, BELL Club!!!!!!

by Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc