The most memorable and beautiful time in university life is absolutely the one-month military training course. One month does not seem too long or short but it is enough to have a greatest time ever and it means a lot to those who have been through. No matter how slowly or fast time goes by, all the best memories we created and received from each other are the most important things and they will remind each of us about the time studying and living there.

On the first day coming to Military Center, we all usually worried about the dormitory, meals, military customs and fields with lots of upcoming troubles and homesickness, especially each room contains 22 students for female and 28 for male within 12 beds this year. Moreover, having been waiting for hours for shower and laundry because of the shortage of water, living in a tiny room with many people, studying under strict weather might be the hardest parts of the course. However, whether shiny days or heavy rain, the smile still appeared on each face and there were so many hours for us to have fun during our time there.

Despite these difficulties and inconveniences, after a long day studying, there are plenty of  interesting and exciting activities held by all the freshmen, such as volleyball campaign, the beauty contest of UEH’s soldiers or team building activities in order to rebuild our strength,… raised our team spirit and pushed all people together. Therefore, some people talked to each other like they had already known before and some had chances to get closer to their friends. Beside that, a huge number of silly, crazy, laugh-worthy and scenic pictures were taken to memorize all the best moments we have been through.

On the next days, some clubs such as Bell club, SIFE, Mar group visited and held lots of games for their new members from course 36. They did not only help us tighten our friendship but also showed us the way to live healthily and safely there. Thanks to their priceless experience, we could get through the course much more easily.

28 days, 4 exams, a group of 150 people and more than 2000 students each turn have created one of the most unforgettable, wonderful and meaningful time for UEH’s students. From the depth inside our souls, each moment, each place, each laugh or each tear will be remembered and talked about when all the memories come back.

by Nguyễn Ngọc Thủy Tiên