On the first days of 2016, the users on social network all over the world feel sympathized when they know a disabled girl, who lives all her life in a small pot

By chance, Sani Maikatanga- a reporter, walks along the street to photograph. He found out a really special girl, took a picture of her, posted on Social Media.


The picture taken by Sani Maikatanga


This poor girl’s name is Rahma Haruna. She is 19 and living in Lahdin Makole, Kano, Nigeria.


Rahma Haruna and her family


When she was a little kid, because of an unexpected accident-said her parents- Rahma lost her legs and her left arm permanently, what’s left of her are the right arm and the upper part of her body. Due to her poor and hard living condition, everyday, Rahma’s brother puts her in a pot, takes her to every road to cadge for meals.


The pot is her familiar, necessary, vital thing in life.


What makes this girl special is her will. Despite the fact that she’s living a hard life, this young girl is always optimistic. As long as her family is by her side, Rahma smiles happily and remind herself to be strong.

Admiring the poor young girl, many people in the world want to help Rahma, both asset and  mental value. A journalist donated Rahma a wheelchair. Singer Di’Ja posted a status reflecting the admiration to the will, the energy of this girl and encouraged people to help Rahma.


Rahma Haruna never stop believing in good things

Source: Tri Thuc Tre news