Why don’t we use thesaurus words to diversify our English skills? Let’s learn how to use them.

1. Pretty = Good-looking = Beautiful:

  • Pretty (a): attractive without being very beautiful (usually for women)

E.g. You look so pretty in that dress

  • Beautiful (a): pleasing to the senses or to the mind (usually for women)

E.g. What a beautiful thing to say!

  • Good-looking (a): physical attractive (both gender)

E.g. With his black hair and high cheekbones he appeared unusually good-looking.

2. Attack = Assault

  • Attack (n): an act of using violence to try to hurt or to kill sb
  • Assault (n): an act of attacking a building, an area… in order to control it

E.g. An assault/attack on the capital was launched in the early hours of the morning. (We can use both attack and assault in this situation)

3. Guilty >< Innocent

  • Guilty (a): having done something illegal or broken the law

E.g. We’ve all been guilty of selfishness at some time in our lives.

  • Innocent (a): not having done something wrong

E.g. They have imprisoned an innocent man.

4. Journalist ~ Reporter

  • Journalist (n): a person whose job is to collect and write new stories for newspaper, magazines, radio or television.

E.g. She was warned against speaking to journalists about the affair.

  • Reporter (n): somebody who visits places to collect and write reports.

E.g. We were warned not to talk to reporters.

5. Lazy ~ Idle

  • Lazy (a): not willing to work or to be active, doing as little as possible (criticize)

E.g. I was feeling too lazy to go out.

  • Idle (a): (people) not working hard (but not criticize)

E.g. She never lifts a finger to help. She’s bone idle.