Hey friends,

Today we will learn some common synonyms:

1. Hear ~ Listen (verb)

Hear: to be aware of sounds with your ear (not prepare before hearing)

E.g. She heard footsteps behind her.

Listen: to pay attention to somebody or something that you can hear (active to what you will hear)

E.g. Listen! What is that noise? Can you hear it?


2. Lone ~ Alone (adjective)

Lone: without any other people or things. Always BEFORE noun

E.g. The attack was carried out by a lone gunman in a crowed shopping center.

Alone: without any other people or things. Always AFTER noun.

E.g. I don’t like going out alone at night.


3. See ~ Watch (verb)

See: to be aware of sounds with your eyes. (short time, not pay much attention)

E.g. He could see that she had been crying.

Watch: pay much more attention than see – longer time.

E.g. She watched the kids playing in the yard.


4. Special ~ Especial ~ Particular (adjective)

Special: not ordinary or usual; different from what is normal. (NOT before noun)

E.g. There is something special about this place.

Especial: greater or better than usual.(ONLY before noun)

E.g. The lecture will be of especial interest to history students.

Particular: used to emphasize what is different from others. (ONLY before noun)

E.g. There is one particular patient I’d like you to see.


5. Intelligent ~ Smart (adjective)

Intelligent: good at learning, understanding and thinking in a logical way about things; showing ability.

E.g. She is a highly intelligent girl.

Smart: quickly understand something happening

E.g. That was a smart career move.