Today we turn to learn another common grammar that will be helpful for
your future use. Let’s begin!

Catch up

1. to reach sb/sth ahead of you by going faster than them/it.

Ex: She was walking so fast that I have to run to catch up (with her).

2. to reach the same level or standard as sb/sth else that was better or more advanced.

Ex: You will have to work hard to catch up with the other students.

Give up

1. to stop doing or having sth that is not good for your health.

Ex: It’s about time you gave up smoking.

2. to stop trying to do sth, usually because it is too difficult.

Ex: I don’t think the rebels will give up their fight easily.

Meet up

1. to meet sb by arrangement.

Ex: We’re meeting up with Gary after work, if you want to come.

2. to meet sb by chance.

Ex: I’m so surprised to meet up with you here – I haven’t seen you for ages.

Pick up

1. to go somewhere in your car and collect sb who is waiting for you

Ex: If she waits by the station, I’ll pick her up in my car.

2. to take hold of sb/sth and lift them/it up

Ex: The cat was so light, I could pick it up with one hand.

Break up

1. to separate into smaller pieces

Ex: The ship broke up on the rocks.

2. to come to an end

Ex: Their marriage broke up after ten years.