tải xuốngWith the students, how to write a CV and prepare for a successful interview are very essential skills. Despite that importance, most of the students are not clear about those issues and applying for a job, therefore, us always making them confused. Fortunately, as a newbie of BELL Club, I have a chance to participate in Know How Program, the interesting workshop that provides necessary skills for students in their study and work.IMG_0003

The first part of the workshop was hosted by Ms. Tracy. Although the knowledge about CV was not new but with her presentation, it became much easier for me to remember the lesson and I believe that within seconds, I can outline an impressive CV based on her method. Plus, the new lesson that I had got was some tips and cautions, for example how to describe the previous jobs and experience to make the recruiters impressive.IMG_0006

The program was followed by the presentation of Ms. Khanh Vy. To be honest, I am really attracted to her speech. The biggest learning point that I gained was that the appearance of you in the interview contributes 55% to the chance of getting the job.IMG_0007

Thirdly, the most surprising part on that day belonged to Ms. Tien, an alumni of BELL Club. With her experience and enthusiasm, she really inspired and gave me spirit to keep going on with my life plan. In addition, in my opinion, her speech was the greatest one I have ever heard; through her stories, I could myself draw my life in next few years clearly. I think she was the one who put the strongest impact on me on that day.IMG_0009

Last but not least, Ms. Tracy came back and shared with us some tools to save our time on scheduling and organizing. These tools are really helpful to keep our work under control and furthermore improve the effectiveness of our work.

After the program, I was no longer confused when applying for a job. More importantly, I am inspired and got new spirit to work everything out.

Nguyen Hoang Khon- Member of Specialist Department