The medical volunteers came to Ho Chi Minh City after they have finished their voluntary project in Ca Mau. As an act of welcome and gratitude to their contribution, BELL Club organized the cultural exchange program in a whole new version including the Ice-breaking Session and the Outdoor Acitivities.



In the morning, students from each university made presentations about their country, their school; and conducted their creative entertainment shows. There were Vietnamese traditional performances: the “Trống cơm” dance, the song “Em trong mắt tôi” – a modern song about the Vietnamese girls’ inner and outer beauty… Especially, the Korean students got attracted with the traditional game called “Nhảy sạp” (“Bamboo Dance”). With the help of our lovely BELLers, they easily jumped over the bamboo rows in joy and laughter. They loved it and kept playing the game and again. At the end of the show, all the students from both nation joined in the group dance to the very cute melody of the Vietnamese children song “Con heo đất” (“Piggybank”).


“Trống cơm” Dance


Hiệu is singing “Em trong mất tôi”


Korean students are trying the “bamboo dance”

The traditional Vietnamese game “Nhảy sạp” (“Bamboo dance”)


In the presentation of Chosun University students, they introduced us about their culture, sport, their famous buildings and stadiums,… But what really got the UEH students amazed were the infrastructure and the facilities of Chosun University. There were so many fun and interesting game: telepathy, limbo with massage carpets, gestures expression,… We all know that Korea is really famous for its showbiz, so the Chosun University students danced to many famous K-pop songs. It was so good, so interesting that we couldn’t stop going “Wow!”. They even made super delicious fruit cocktail for us. It was such a sweet treat from the Korean students. At the end of the show, all of the students from Chosun University sang along the very famoush Vietnamese song “Bèo dạt mây trôi” and then the UEH students sang along with them too. It was a very touching moment. We are so proud that the Korean students also love songs of our country.


2 batenders are making juice

2 batenders are making juice


After having lunch, we were devided in 4 groups of students from both universities and started the outdoor activity. It was a very creative and interesting game. Each team had 9 tasks placed in a bingo table. The mission was to complete at least 4 bingos and come back to UEH as soon as possible. Though there was only one winner group but we all enjoyed the game.




At the end of the day, we all gathered around at campus A of UEH. Everyone took many photos and exchange many gifts to memorize all the fun we had together. The program happened in joy and laughter and ended with many beautiful memories left for its participants. We all wish the best wishes for each individual joined the program, and for the long lasting partnership of UEH and Chosun University.



Mã Tùng Huy

Internal Vice President


– Đội Công tác xã hội ĐH Kinh tế TP.HCM – an organization of students which conduct voluntary works for people in Ho Chi Minh city and many other provinces