Alarming statistics !

According to recent studies carried out by researchers from Vietnam Ministry of Health Portal most university student away from their family don’t have enough 3 main meals a day and have a lack of essential nutrients, especially many kinds of vitamin from vegetables.

The research which involved 582 volunteers from almost all universities, especially freshmen, has shown that 80% of them have the lower nutritional values from meals than an average amount that people at the age from 18 – 25 should absorb a day.

Reasons for our lack of meal and malnutrition

1.Incapability of cooking

Cooking skill is one of the necessary skills that parents should show their children. Students who already learned how to cook from their families have ability to take care of themselves better than the other in many aspects, not only nutrition.

However, Not all students who know how to cook can make a meal themselves. Not only because of strict regulations in dorms and rented houses that forbid cooking but also inflexible study time from university. That are reasons for students to skip their meals or decide to eat unhygienic food outside.

2. Their Budgets

With the tight budgets that have to cover many expenses: food, clothes, house rent, school fee,…., university students often decide to skip their meals or eat anything they find cheapest regardless of their health may be seriously affected.

3. Keeping their fit bodies

In addition to inability to cook, tight budgets, many students, especially women, skip their meals deliberately to keep fit.

Tips for healthy and nutritious meals but cheap

Don’t look down on breakfast. Actually it is the most important meal of the day. Your bodies need to be recharged after a 8-hour-sleep and this plays decisive factor that affects your ability to acquire knowledge in the class. A nutritious breakfast is easier to find than you think. Butter and some slices of bread which are found easily in supermarkets can be the best choice.

You certainly cannot skip the lunch and dinner, too. If you find yourself lost among many food store on the street, try to find the hygienic one with many customers enjoying the meal. I am sure all of you have ton of packed noodle but you’re getting sick of them, right? How about turning them into delicious  disks. First, buy 2.000 vnd vegatables Chinese cabbage, 7.000 vnd grinded pork. Then, boil water, put pork into and vegetables after that. All the things you need to do next is just to put your packed noodle in….and to enjoy. Besides, slightly stir-frying vegetables with packed noodles also bring good appetite.

Milk or cookies should be available in your  room in case you are hungry at night because of staying up late studying.

Thank for your attention if you are still follow with me. Again, I hope all of you will survive successfully 4 demanding years with a good health to achieve many goals in your life.

Nguyễn Kỳ Quân –Specialist Department