Do you find that learning English vocabulary is so boring that you can’t improve your reading and writing skill? Worry not because maybe you haven’t  yet applied this interesting method: READING  FOREIGN  NEWSPAPER.

Combining reading newspaper and learning vocabulary will make your progress of mastering a foreign language much more simple and stimulating. I am sure that not only will your vocabulary be enlarged but you will also grow accustomed to different styles of written English afterwards. You should start with the topics that you like, since they will make you more motivated. Remember that you must be patient throughout this progress. Alright, I won’t waste your time any more. Here are some links to newspaper that are recommended to you. Try it right now!!!!! 🙂

Source of British newspaper:
· Financial Times
· Times
· Telegraph
· the Guardian
· Mirror
· the Sun
· The SundayTimes
Source of American newspaper:
· The New York Times
· The Wall Street Journal
· The Washington Post
· Los Angeles Times
· USA Today
· New York Daily News
· NewYork Post
· Chicago Sun-Times
· Houston Chronicle

Source of Canadian newspaper :
· National Post
· The Vancouver Sun
· Ottawa Citizen
· TimesColonist
· TheChronicleHerald
· CalgaryGerald
· WinniepegFreePress
Source of Australian newspaper:
· The Australian
· The Sydney Morning Herald
· TheWestAustralian
Source of New Zealand newspaper:
· NewZealandHerald
· Stuff
· Local Matters
· Migrant News
· The National Business Review
Source of newspaper for English learners:
1. The Learning Edge
2. Adult Learning Activities
3. Words in the News
5. PBS Newshour EXTRA
6. VOA News