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invisible soldiers now a reality – CNN

Here’s your script !

“Camouflage to be the difference a soldier getting shot, and going home. So a lot of radios on the next generation design to outfit troops, it’s only been eight years since army spend 5 billion dollars on camo that critics say that didn’t fool anyone. Soldiers complaint to the point the army abandoned, one size fits all universal patterns

So they will be looking for camouflage that they could use everywhere? Correct, and it didn’t work anywhere

Guy Cramer is one of the designer competing to win one of the army next multi-million dollar contract. This summer, he shows us the science behind that reshapes size and shape of these pixels.

You now have the camouflage

To tries to trick the brain that and to see things that unnaturally there.

Due to the patterns recreate shape already found in nature. In 3D layer, we create depth and shadow where non-exist. That’s the today design. That developers already have warned eye on tomorrow

What’s coming up down the road and very quickly is the Harry Potter cloak.

“what is it, my body is gone”

With that fictional cloak, Harry isn’t just camouflaged, he is invisible

How invisible are we talking here. If I walk into a room with the soldier wearing one of these cloaks

You wouldn’t see them at all. He would be completely invisible to you

This is make believe , the military had seen the so-called quantum stealth technology. It works by bending the light around the object, even conealing most of a person’s shadow. Imaging that could do for a sniper. Hiding in a field with an American pilot whose jet was over Libya when their fighter jet crashed last year

They could actually pulled out … ah .. very similar to what they carried wicked survival blanket, photos, and  __ of them. And unless you walked straight into them, you would know they were there

So what was firmly in the world that make believe could quickly become quite ….”

Trần Bá Khánh Hưng

Member of Communication Department