What is BELL?

BELLBusiness English for Learners and Lovers – is the English club of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city (UEH) and it was established on November 13th, 1995. Having been through the history of 20 years with lots of difficulties and fun, challenges and success, we grow more and more mature; become the biggest and strongest English Club in UEH. We aim to provide students with chances to improve their English – especially business English – through various programs and an environment to fulfill their student life. Want to find a place that you can improve your English as well as fulfill your student life in University? BELL Club is your answer. BELL Club – Live English. Experience Yourself.




BELL’s programs

BELL Club has lots of activities and programs for all the students in UEH and in Ho Chi Minh City. Through these useful and interesting programs, you can experience so many things: fun, knowledge, experience, friendship, skill… BELL’s program is not just about English, it’s about the real experience of English – especially business English – and Western culture in University environment. There are some great programs that we’re proud to introduce to you:

  • ESD (English Speaking Day)
  • Trial TOEIC Test
  • Essay Online Contest
  • TOEIC Seminar
  • DREAM BIG – the singing contest
  • Joining Noi vong tay lon Festival
  • Interview Skill seminar, Presentation Seminar,…
  • Culture Exchange
  • Recruitment

ESD program


Online Essay Contest 2010

Toeic seminar 2010

Noi vong tay lon 2010

Culture Exchange with Singapore Polytechnic

Culture Exchange


Recruitment 2010